Alessi Cafe Espresso 100% Pure Coffee, 8.8 Fo (Pack of 6)


sku: 071072030011
$ 47.08 


Imported. Makes great cappuccino. For all types of espresso machines. Alessi Cafe Espresso is made from the finest hand roasted and ground coffee beans in the world. As most people know coffee is not grown in Italy, but the Italian love for coffee has made them the premier experts in blending and roasting. Our perfect blending of the most exotic beans brews a full-bodied rich flavored premium cup of coffee of exceptional intrigue. Alessi Cafe Espresso has been vacuum packed so as to preserve its just roasted freshness. Store in the refrigerator upon opening to further ensure freshness. Enjoy the aromatic, European, dark-roast classic - Alessi Cafe Espresso. Hand roasted and ground in Italy. Packed in Italy. Product of Italy.

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