Alkalife Infused with Alkaline Minerals Natural Spring Water, 16.9 Oz (Pack of 24)


sku: 810053000007
$ 49.55 


Bottled at 10 pH. You are about to experience water like no other. Great taste, ultimate hydration, plus so much more. Many bottled waters can be too acidic. Alkalife water is infused with a patented formulation of minerals for an optimal pH level of 10 (at time of bottling). With essential alkaline minerals including sodium and potassium, Alkalife water results in a higher pH, just like water found in the purest glaciers. Experience healthy alkaline living! Alkalife helps restore your body's pH level to a balanced state so you remain healthier and more active. Better hydration means more energy too! Alkalife Ten Spring water is infused with Alkalife's original pH formula. High pH Alkaline water sourced from pure, natural springs and enhanced with essential minerals. Bottled at a pH level of 10. For more information: BPA-free bottle. Please recycle. Alkalife Ten is bottled at the source by Callaway Blue Springs, Hamilton, GA. Made in USA.

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