Andersons Pure Maple Syrup, 16 OZ (Pack of 6)


sku: 030576120178
$ 60.45 


All natural product. US Grade A dark amber. Pure quality for over 80 years. This is pure maple syrup. So what does that mean? Pure maple syrup means just that - 100% pure maple syrup made from all natural maple sap and nothing more. Yes, it's that simple. For over 80 years, our family tradition has been to harvest maple sap each spring. We carefully cook it long into the night until all that remains is rich, sweet, pure maple syrup. We bottle it and deliver it to your favorite store for you to purchase and enjoy. In fact, this bottle was likely prepared for you by Steven Anderson, the third generation to carry on the Anderson family tradition. This means that each and every time you pour Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup, you can be absolutely confident that you will be enjoying 100% pure maple syrup. It's that simple. This is our continuing promise to you and your family. Please enjoy! - The Anderson Family. Made in the USA.

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