Annies Snicker Doodle Bunny Cookies, 6.75 Oz (Pack of 12)

Annie's Homegrown

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Cookies. All natural cinnamon sugar mini cookies. Gluten free. Made with rice & corn flour. Totally natural. 0 g trans fat. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. Approval of rabbit. Totally natural. From the land of milk & bunnies. All-natural cinnamon sugar mini cookies. Made in a peanut-free and tree nut-free facility. Dear Friend, You who are fans of Annie's delicious, crunchy gluten-free Cocoa & Vanilla Bunny Cookies have encouraged us to expand our gluten-free cookie line. So here are Annie's sweet and spicy SnickerDoodle Bunny Cookies for your snacking pleasure. No wheat or gluten inside - just all-natural ingredients flavored with those childhood favorites, cinnamon and vanilla. Have one or have a handful, and enjoy! Let us know what you think of our newest Bunnies. We're listening. Bye for now. Annie. The SnickerDoodle Ditty: When you need something yummy and your tummy's feeling funny, you know what you want - it's something in Bunny. At the store, at the rack, you pick out a pack. You know that you want the Snicker-y snack. You find the sweet taste of our cinnamon sugar, is so much better, is so much bigger. It's totally natural and gluten-free too. A bunny for fun and so good for you. When you're hungry for foodles and all through with your noodles, you know what you want - oodles and oodles of bunny-shaped snicker-baked, cinna-mini-doodles! SnickerDoodle - what a great name! Many words are contained in the same: seek to find idle & look to find cooks, SnickerDoodle has 7 of them hidden in its nooks. Made in a peanut-free and tree nut-free facility. Made in USA.

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