Beyond Meat Beast Burger, 8 Oz (Pack of 10)

Beyond Meat

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100% plant protein. More protein & iron than beef. See nutrition information for fat content. More omegas than salmon. Beyond nutrient blend. Soy, gluten & GMO free. Go beyond meat with - 100% plant protein. We love meat so much that we decided to make it better. We relentlessly studied meat's core building blocks (amino acids, fats, trace minerals and carbs) then found them in natural plant-based sources and assembled them to capture the taste, texture, and nutrition of meat. We've evolved - Isn't it time our meat did, too? Protein & iron claims based on 38% DV protein & 12% iron in 113 g raw 80% lean ground beef. 2.2 g omega-3/113 g vs. 2 g/113 g salmon. GreenPalm sustainability. You've pushed the limits. Left it all on the field. Caught the perfect wave. Now it's time to refuel, replenish, and relax. Grab a burger or chicken breast? Please, average and optimal don't mix. Fire up the grill and put the beast to work. We've given a whole new meaning to hunting and gathering. Instead of gathering routine plants, we hunted down the best to fuel your inner athlete. The beyond nutrient blend boasts sea buckthorn, shavegrass, moringa leaf, beet juice, mesquite, and pomegranate seed and delivers generous amounts of calcium, vitamin B6, B12 and D. Product of the USA.

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