Bigelow Chocolate Chai Tea, 20 BG (Pack of 6)


sku: 072310001633
$ 26.89 


Individually wrapped. An exotic Chai Tea with a blend of rich spices and decadent chocolate flavor. Traditional Chai is served with milk and sweetener. Take your favorite tea wherever you go. Each tea bag is individually wrapped to ensure your full enjoyment. Explore the mystery of chocolate chai. India is a land shrouded in mystery. From the beauty of the Taj Mahal to the markets in New Delhi, it is a country unlike any other in the world. For centuries, the drink of the Maharajas has been equally mysterious - an ambrosia called Chai. Chai is a delightful blend of tea and exotic spices. It is often brewed with milk, which gives Chai a wonderful, creamy characteristic. In Bigelow all natural Chocolate Chai we have added chocolate, offering you a whole new dimension in Chai. To enjoy the authentic Chai experience, just open up our stay-fresh foil packet, brew a cup, add milk, sweetener or honey to bring out the flavor of the spices. For a moment you might just feel like a Maharaja or Maharini. - Eunice & David Bigelow. Bigelow Chocolate Chai - a sure way to please your senses and enchant your taste buds. To see the full complement of Bigelow Teas, tempting recipes and gift ideas, visit Caffeine Meter (Represents average caffeine content; individual products may vary): coffee: 100-120 mg; black tea: 30-60 mg; green tea: 25-50 mg; decaf tea: 1-8 mg; herb tea: 0 mg. Tea is a gluten-free beverage. Satisfaction guaranteed. Bigelow is pleased to share the fact that this box, bag, string and tag are made from sustainable (renewable) resources and are 100% biodegradable. Blended and packaged in the USA.

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