Butter Buds All Natural Sprinkles Butter Flavor Granules 2.5 Oz Shaker (Pack of 12)

Butter Buds

sku: 044800004028
$ 33.55 


Compare butter buds sprinkles, butter and margarine. Butter buds sprinkles 1 tsp per serving*, butter 1 tbsp per serving*, margarine 1 tbsp per serving*. Butter buds sprinkles 10 calories, butter 100 calories, margarine 100 calories. Butter buds sprinkles 0mg cholesterol, butter 31 mg cholesterol, margarine 0mg cholesterol. Butter buds sprinkles 0g fat, butter 11 g fat, margarine 11 g fat. *Use 1 teaspoon of butter buds sprinkles instead of 1 tablespoon of lightly salted butter or margarine for flavoring.

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