Colgin Natural Mesquite Liquid Smoke, 1 gl (Pack of 4)


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$ 107.85 


Indoor oven. Flame grill. Where there's smoke there's flavor. Rit Colgin fired up his original smokehouse in Mexia, Texas back in 1869. As freezing and refrigeration technology developed in the early 20th century, people no longer needed to have their meats smoked to preserve them. But folks sure missed the smoked flavor, so Rit's boy, S.E., perfected a method to capture that flavor. Colgin's Liquid Smoke starts by burning fresh-cut mesquite chips in high-moisture ovens that allow the smoke to condense into a liquid. We then add molasses, vinegar and other ingredients to create a marinade that will make all your recipes mouth-wateringly delicious. Colgin's Liquid Smoke is all natural and contains no preservatives. It adds all the wonderful flavor of the smoker without the costly expense of time, labor and clean up.

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