Community Coffee and Chicory Ground Coffee, 12 OZ (Pack of 6)

Community Coffee

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Family owned since 1919. Our heritage. For four generations our family has owned and operated Community Coffee. In 1919, my great-grandfather Cap Saurage discovered the secret of making this great-tasting coffee in his country store. He named it Community Coffee in honor of his community of friends, and since then we have made this uniquely delicious coffee to please our customers. Over ninety years later, sharing our passion for great coffee is still our mission! Thank you for choosing Community Coffee - Matt Saurage. We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction. Taste the difference: Community Coffee Company invites you to enjoy the unique taste of Louisiana's most distinctive coffee. We start with only premium quality beans selected by the Saurage family to achieve a satisfying and smooth flavor. Today, Community Coffee is served in the best New Orleans restaurants and is shared in homes across the South. Discover the preferred coffee and chicory of New Orleans. Our coffee & chicory blend is a delicate combination of the finest arabica coffee beans and the highest quality chicory. The blending of coffee and chicory was introduced to New Orleans by the early French settlers. Chicory is the roasted root of the endive plant that when brewed produces a heavier body and bittersweet flavor. Today coffee and chicory is still favored in New Orleans, and Community Coffee is the preferred choice.

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