Cup 4 Cup Gluten Free Flour, 3 lb (Pack of 6)

Cup 4 Cup

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Your recipe, our flour. But you'd never know it. Celiac Sprue Association. To make people happy - that's what cooking is all about. - Chef Thomas Keller. Behind the blue door of The French Laundry lies a core belief that we are here to make memories. A great meal is a savored experience. From the first sips of a memorable wine, to the last crumbs of toasted brioche, world-class dining provides a moment to appreciate, to remember, and to share. After witnessing a diner at the restaurant shed tears of joy after trying our gluten-free bread, I realized we had something that needed to be shared. I am not allergic to gluten; however, as a research and development chef it is my goal to produce a product for everyone to enjoy, not just people with gluten intolerance. After a great deal of testing, I am delighted to share this flour blend that can be used to make delicious meals and memories with your family and friends, right in your own home. Yours truly, Lena Kwak. Cup 4 Cup is a special multi-purpose, gluten-free flour blend that can be used in most recipes. Easily replacing all-purpose flour in equal amounts, it's especially fantastic in quick breads, scones, muffins, cookies, and biscuits. Looking for cooking tips or recipes? Come check us out at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Made in USA.

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