Daddy Hinkles Southwest Instant Meat Marinade, 15 Oz (Pack of 6)

Daddy Hinkle's

sku: 794236000025
$ 49.76 


Liquid: 10 fl oz (295 ml); will marinate 25 lbs. Cumin & oregano. More than a marinade. The only thing better than the way Daddy Hinkle's enhances beef, pork, or poultry, is the way it brings out great taste in all your favorite recipes. Sprinkle a little on grilled veggies; stir some into a skillet of potatoes or mix a little in your fried chicken batter - Thank you, David, Denny, Terry & Michael (the grandkids). Gluten free. Dry: Cumin & oregano. Will marinate 25 lbs. For oven, skillet & grill on all kinds of meat. Contains no MSG.

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