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Daelmans Caramel Mini Stroopwafels, 5.29 Oz (Pack of 10)

Daelmans Caramel Mini Stroopwafels, 5.29 Oz (Pack of 10)

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Soft, toasted waffles filled with caramel, cinnamon and real bourbon vanilla. Since 1909. Delicious sweet and creamy filling! Enjoy a Dutch Classic: Connoisseurs are simply wild about the authentic Dutch Stroopwafels made by the Daelmans family bakery (Est 1909). For over a century, people have enjoyed these soft, toasted waffles and their characteristic sweet, creamy caramel fillings in jumbo sizes, warmed over their coffee cups. Now these classic treats are available in miniature size for snacking on the go, anytime, anywhere! Treat yourself with the miniature size Stroopwafel for snacking on the go or serve them with coffee or tea. Vegetarian. No artificial colors or flavourings. Certified sustainable palm oil - mixed. Product made in Holland.

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