De Cecco No. 87 Cavatappi, 1 lb (Pack of 12)

De Cecco

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Dal 1886. Enriched macaroni product. The first certified pasta. See back for details. Cooking Time: 8 min. Al Dente: 6 min. Traditional Processing Method: Slow drying at low temperatures. Our quality is an inherited passion. Certified. De Cecco's is the first certified pasta for the distinctive quality of many parameters such as: The selection of the best durum wheat which guarantees a greater firmness of the pasta whilst cooking. Use of high particle size to preserve the wholeness of the gluten. Kneaded with cold water (under 15 degrees C), that assures a sweeter taste and a better firmness during cooking. For additional recipes please visit us at DNV: Certified product: STP-CE-PC-AGRO 38. No. Cert-141-2004 PC-BRI-DNV. For delicious recipes please visit us at EPD: Environmental Product Declaration: De Cecco respects the environment from start to finish. De Cecco is a SA8000 certified company. Made in Italy.

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