Divine Toffee & Sea Salt0.38 Milk Chocolate, 3.5 Oz (Pack of 10)


sku: 898596001354
$ 36.16 


Owned by cocoa farmers. Made for chocolate lovers. Fairtrade. Divine chocolate is made with the finest quality Fairtrade cocoa beans from Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of small-holder famers in Ghana. The cocoa is grown in the shade of the tropical rainforest, and slowly fermented and dried in the sun by the farmers, who take great pride in the chocolate company they co-own. You can read more about Divine inside this wrapper, and discover the full Divine story, and the many delicious chocolate treats in the Divine range at: www.divinechocolateusa.com. Sugar, cocoa, vanilla: Traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 79% of the product's ingredients. Visit www.infofiaretrade.net.

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