Dry Vanilla Bean Soda, 12 Fo (Pack of 6)


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Less sweet. 04 ingredients. All natural. 60 calories. Flavor Profile: Calms with the smooth earthy flavor and pure aroma of the Madagascar vanilla bean. Characteristics: Aromatic, delicate, low acidity. Pairing Ideas: Roast chicken, summer salads, white fish, fresh fruit, panna cotta. Gluten-free. www.drysoda.com. Why Dry? I created Dry because I wanted to re-imagine soda - to make soda better tasting, and better for you. Dry is made simply to allow its fruit, flower and herbal flavors to shine through. That means using only four, all-natural ingredients and keeping the pure cane sugar to a minimum. Now we can all sip, pair and mix in good health. Sharelle Klaus, Founder and CEO. Dry Gives Back: Because better food and drink begin with better ingredients, Dry proudly supports our nation's local, independent food producers. Learn how you can too at www.drysoda.com. Made in USA.

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