Feel Good Foods Vegetable Gluten-Free Dumplings, 10.75 Oz (Pack of 9)

Feel Good Foods

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Don't worry, eat happy. Includes 9-11 pieces and a package of dipping sauce. All natural (Minimally processed - no artificial ingredients). Fully cooked. No MSG added (except those naturally occurring in soy sauce). No preservatives. No artificial flavors. Chef-inspired. Our Story: Tryg, the chef at the restaurant where I worked, wondered why I never ate the food he prepared for the staff. I explained that I had celiac disease and had to avoid gluten. The following day, Tryg prepared a meal made entirely from gluten-free ingredients; it was delicious! That was our start. Today, now married, Tryg and I have recreated my favorite foods from our own kitchen and I can finally eat with confidence. Tryg's love for cooking, coupled with my love for gluten-free food inspired us to create Feel Good Foods. We hope you enjoy these dishes as much as we do. - Enjoy, Vanessa. Now microwavable! Look for our new gluten-free meals! Certified gluten-free. Comments? Please reference the best by date when sending comments or questions regarding products. www.feelgf.com.

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