Fentimans Cherry Tree Cola, 37.2 Fo (Pack of 6)


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Botanically brewed. Fermented Botanical cherry Drink with ginger and herbal extracts. Cherry Tree records is known as the home of progressive pop music and trend-setting artists. Since 2005, the label has been a source of sparkling pop alternative music with a fresh, original taste. This unique flavor has been poured into every once of exclusive content on CherrytreeRecords.com and CherryRadio.com and is used into the essence of Fentimans Cherry Tree Cola, your pop alternative. Established 1905. Gateshead Tyne & wear. North East England. After a fellow tradesman welshed on a loan, iron puddler Thomas Fentiman found himself in possession of a secret process for brewing a smashingly good Ginger Beer. His quintessentially British beverages quickly became one of Europe's most renowned effervescent refreshments. More than 100 years hence, Fentimans continues to tantalize persons of discerning taste across the continents. Young Arthur and Edith Fentiman deliver unique refreshments door to door at the early part of the century. Unfiltered: Up-end bottle to gently invigorate for naturally superior flavour.

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