Frontera Pouch Medium Chipotle Garlic Taco Skillet Sauce Seasoning for Steak, 8 OZ (Pack of 6)


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$ 26.76 


With roasted tomato + red onion. Seasoning for steak. Gourmet seasoning from Chef Rick Bayless. Amp up your tacos by adding fresh flavor. All it takes is a pouch of Frontera Taco Skillet Sauce warmed with browned meat or chicken. Here's a way to rival a great taqueria: sear some steak and onions, mix in a little chipotle-infused goodness and wrap your delicious mixture in warm tortillas. You'll find yourself cooking at home more. - Rick Bayless: Award-winning chef, author, host of Public Television's Mexico - One Plate at a Time and winner of Bravo's Top Chef Masters. All natural. No preservatives. No gluten ingredients used. for recipes and entertaining ideas from Rick Bayless and Frontera.

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