Grab Green Relax Lavender with Vanilla Room & Fabric Freshener, 7 Oz (Pack of 6)

Grab Green

sku: 899696002920
$ 41.47 

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Eliminate odors. Freshen rooms. Refresh fabrics. Essential Oils: lavender; patchouli; yarrow. True Transparency: We want you to know what's inside and why! Naturally-Derived Ingredients: Deionized water. Zinc ricinolate - removes odors. Fragrance essential oils along with safe man-made ingredients. Sodium iminodisuccinate - water softener. Alcohol ethoxylate - fragrance emulsifier. Benzisothiazolinone - preservative. Biodegradable formula. No animal testing. Grab Green has a complete collection of naturally-derived home cleaning products. Please recycle. 100% made in the USA.

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