I and love and you Ear Candy Cow Ears Dog Chews, 5 ea (Pack of 6)

I and love and you

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Holistic Veterinarian approved. Free range + grass fed. The ultimate dog chew. Cow ears made from tasty free range cattle. A healthy alternative to rawhide. Nuh-Uh, No Way: Nothing artificial. Naturally Raised: No antibiotics or added hormones. All natural. I saw you and knew. Took you home with me and named you. Cuddled you. We fell in love. Um. Excuse me? No that????¬s my bed and that plaid cushion on the floor is for you. Dreamed up in Boulder, CO by Real fun people. You are currently holding a bag of your dog's new favorite treats. Ear Candy chews come from free range Brazilian cattle (Heyy, Sao Paulo!) That are grass fed and free of growth hormones. When we say they're addictive, we promise we're not exaggerating. Dogs love Ear Candy chews like moms love clean houses, Like teenagers love angst-y vampire movies. Like Prince loves velvet. They're great for treats, as an everyday snack, or when-ever you need your dog to do something other than drool on your couch for twenty minutes at a clip. Protein rich. Easy to Digest. Supports dental health. No artificial preservatives, flavors, or color. No bleach or chemical processing. Our tasty recipe. Don't worry, we did all the math for you. Your dog looks huuungry. For the safety of your pets, observation is recommended when giving your dog chews. We make naturally healthy food, yummy treats, vitamins + nutritional supplements, grooming care, and flea + tick protection. Everything a well-rounded pet needs. Minus a tummy rub. We're still trying to figure out how to put that in a package. Iandloveandyou.com. Facebook.com/iandloveandyoupet. Twitter.com/ilypet. Facebook. Twitter. Call me! 855.ILY.LOVE M-F (7am-5pm) MT. Hey, there. Let's be buds! We're real (fun) people and we'd love to chat with you. Call us! Email us! Facebook us! Invite us to your kid's birthday party! (Bob in accounting is particularly skilled at playing Pin the Tail on the Brontosaurus). There are furry pals and non-furry pals. We're your non-furry ones: I and love and you knows all about that special bond between pets and humans. We're committed to helping you give to your pet the very best. Every one of our products meets rigorous ingredient standards and has been formulated by our holistic veterinarian. And not only do we promise to be good to your pets, but as a green company, we also promise to be good to our planet. We love pets; we love the planet; we love our Aunt Tilda. That warm fuzzy feeling: We at I and love and you are committed to sharing the love-with your pet, and with all pets. We've partnered with a variety of nonprofits who are just as dedicated as we are to the health and welfare of animals. Read more about our sweet partnerships at iandloveyou.com. Try to avoid hugging your computer screen. We know we're cuddly, but still.

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