Inkos Unsweetened Honeysuckle White Tea, 16 Fo (Pack of 12)


sku: 858252000091
$ 43.47 


Est. 2002. 100% natural white iced tea. 0 calories per bottle. 0 g sugar per bottle. Button doesn't pop? Don't drink a drop! Safety button pops up when original safety seal is broken. Mmm. mmm. Honeysuckle. Remember when you were a kid and used to pull off the honeysuckle flower and lick the bottom? We've taken that mellow natural sweetness and created new memories with Inko's Honeysuckle White Tea. The light, no calorie, low caffeine, all-natural flavor in this bottle is waiting for you to let it out. So, let it out. Be a kid. Low caffeine. 5.8 mgs per bottle. Gluten free. 100% All-natural. Inko's: Part of the solution. We proudly donate to White Tea Cancer Research. Please recycle. 866-747-INKO. Made in USA.

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