Justin's Natural Maple Almond Butter, 1.15 OZ (Pack of 10)


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People always ask me, what??ç?ûs your favorite flavor? And I think they expect me to give some P.C. answer that I love them all the same, but I don??ç?ût because that would be stupid. Nuts can??ç?ût read, so whose feelings am I going to hurt? You??ç?ûre holding what I consider to be the most perfect tasting nut butter on the planet, and I??ç?ûm not afraid to say it.

Sincerely, Justin


Product Attributes: 0g Trans Fat, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 6g Protein

Allergens: Contains almonds. Contains trace amounts of tree nuts, peanuts and soy due to processing on shared equipment.

For more information, please visit our??íFAQ page: http://justins.com/frequently-asked-questions

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