Kahlua Coffee Hazelnut Ground Coffee, 12 OZ (Pack of 6)


sku: 024515008740
$ 60.07 


100% arabica coffee. Non-alcoholic. Deliciously smooth and nutty. A Personal Guarantee: Our Kahlua Coffee is meticulously tested to meet our exacting standards of quality and freshness. Makes up to 40, 6 oz cups. www.whitecoffee.com. Kahlua Coffee Liqueur combines the delicious notes of rum, vanilla and caramel, wrapped in roasted coffee flavor from hand-picked arabica beans. Our Kahlua Hazelnut Coffee uses 100% arabica beans which are carefully washed, screened and prepared to ensure a bold lively flavor. Smooth as satin in the mouth, Kahlua Hazelnut Coffee is creamy and genuinely nutty.

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