Kalona Supernatural Organic Whole Milk 4% Milk Fat Cottage Cheese, 16 Oz (Pack of 6)

Kalona Supernatural

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Cream top. Kalona Supernatural is based in Kalona, Iowa, a small community in the heartland of America. We use local, organic, grass-fed milk from small, sustainable family farms. We create our cottage cheese in small batches. And we are proud to be the only organic dairy brand on the market to use Celtic sea salt. It's an unprocessed whole salt harvested by hand from one of the most pristine coastal regions of France. Our organic cottage cheese is a pure and simple delight. 12 g protein. Small batches. Non-homogenized. Grass fed. No stabilizers. Gluten-free. Made with Celtic Sea Salt. USDA Organic. Kalona Super Natural organic, cream-top cottage cheese is supremely simple in every way. As the name suggests, cottage cheese was first made in the kitchens of country cottages using only the simplest ingredients such as non-homogenized milk, cream, and cultures. We are proud to follow this timeless tradition, and, as a result, our cottage cheese has a distinctively pure texture and full cheese flavor. The grass-fed milk we use is non-homogenized, so the cream naturally rises to the top and separates. Stir in the cream and enjoy! Protein rich. Calcium rich. Certified organic by: Iowa Dept. of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

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