Kristian Regale Apple Sparkling Juice Beverage, 25.4 Fo (Pack of 12)

Kristian Regale

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Swedish recipe. 100% natural. Light, crisp taste. Imported. Gluten-free. Non-alcoholic. 100 calories per 8 oz serving. Caffeine-free. It's time to sparkle. Say it! Chill it! 26% juice. Leading sparkling apple. Leading sparkling grape. Kristian Regale's Swedish recipe is simple. It's just four parts - fresh fruits, geranium botanical, a pinch of beet sugar, and purified sparkling water - and creates a light, crisp, aromatic taste sensation. We love it and promise you will, too. Refresh your day and enjoy life, love, and family. As we say in Sweden, Cheers! Natural sediment may appear. Visit us online at Bottled under the authority of Kristian Regale, Inc. Product of Spain.

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