Lorenz Curly Peanut Classic Crunchy Corn Snack, 5.25 Oz (Pack of 12)


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With freshly ground peanuts. 1 Portion (30 g): 150 calories (8%); 0.7 g sugars (1%); 7 g fat (10%); 1.2 g saturates (6%); 0.23 g sodium (10%). Curly Classic: crunchy corn snack with freshly ground peanuts. The Curly Pleasure Promise: 1. For Curlys, only choice premium peanuts are selected and carefully processed. Freshly ground, they assure that uniquely natural and peanutty Curly taste. 2. Finely blended seasonings give Curlys their own distinctive flavor. So they taste extra crispy, light and delicious. 3. Curlys are produced without preservatives and under continuous, stringent quality controls. Controlled brand quality. Finest ingredients. No preservatives. Quality Guarantee: Every package of Curlys leaves our kitchen in top quality. Should you ever be dissatisfied nonetheless, please send the package back to us, stating your reasons and where the product was purchased. You will then naturally receive immediate replacement. www.lorenz-snackworld.com. Best before: See front of pack. Produced in Germany.

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