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Lucini Olive Oil Extra Virgin Premium Select, 16.9 OZ (Pack of 6)

Lucini Olive Oil Extra Virgin Premium Select, 16.9 OZ (Pack of 6)

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Made only from hand-picked, estate grown 100% Italian olives. First cold press. We do not chemically treat our olives. Pressed & bottle at peak flavor for low acidity naturally. Lucini originates in the hillside estates of central Italy 300-500 meters above sea level. Here the olive trees date back over 100 years and the soil and microclimate conditions are ideal for growing the best olives. What makes Lucini taste so good? Extra virgin is a chemical term that does not assure quality or taste. Any olive oil meeting a chemical requirement of less than 0.8% acidity can be labeled extra virgin. To assure quality and taste, we handpicked it precisely the right time and press our olives within 24 hrs of harvest. Using only the most cared-for olives, we are able to naturally produce a delicious olive oil with less than 1/2 the acidity of regular extra virgin. Naturally achieved low acidity, quality and taste in Lucini Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil. How to judge extra virgin olive oil? Lucini has a defined body & firmness - unlike thin and runny regular extra virgin that separates, Lucini binds with ingredients, absorbing and enhancing the flavors present in your cooking. Lucini has a fresh & natural aroma - entirely unlike a processed or manufactured smell. Lucini has a balanced taste - green and almond-like, with a momentary, distinct peppery finish found in natural, fresh olive fruit. Lucini's authentic flavor confirms that nothing is added, nothing is taken away. Only the most cared for olives.

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