Maseca Tamale Flour, 4.4 LB (Pack of 10)

Ma Se Ca

sku: 037297944472
$ 75.97 

  • An instant corn masa flour to prepare the best dough for making traditional tamales.
  • Shares the same great reputation for quality and authenticity as the traditional MASECA?« Instant corn masa flour
  • A white corn masa flour, coarse grind, designed to give tamales the perfect texture and taste that conveys authenticity.
  • Hispanics choos MASECA?« Tamal to make a great variety of traditional tamales wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks, such as Mexican Tamales from any region, Guatemalan tamales, Nacatamales, Colombian tamales and Honduran tamales.
  • Corn treated with hydrated lime.
  • Gluten Free

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