Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk, 12 OZ (Pack of 12)


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Vitamin D. Double strength. Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk is made from the finest pasteurized whole goat milk. Since half the water is removed, evaporated goat milk is double rich. Undiluted, it can be whipped. For rich flavor, substitute equal amounts of undiluted goat milk in recipes calling for light cream, half & half, or heavy cream. Diluted, substitute for whole cow milk in all recipes. Easy to digest. High in calcium. Low in sodium. Naturally gluten free. Healthy and delicious. No preservatives or growth hormones. Known since 1934 as the easier-to-digest, natural, real milk alternative for many with cow or soy milk sensitivity. A favored cooking ingredient by chefs for its unique, nuanced flavor in simple, favorite recipes. Supplemented with vitamin D and folic acid, it is an excellent alternative for toddlers (under 12 months, use as directed by a health care professional). Ask your doctor about special uses. Our standards for humane treatment of goats and sound ecological practices are a part of our health commitment to you and your family. Available nationwide and online Please recycle. 3rd generation - family owned since 1934. Homogenized - unsweetened - sterilized. Made in the USA.

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