Mutti Baby Roma Tomato, 14 OZ (Pack of 12)


sku: 854693000645
$ 42.69 


Only Italian tomatoes. The Mutti family has been processing tomatoes since 1899. Now like them, always with the same passion and the same attention, offers you only the best of the tomato. Do you know which are the characteristics that make Mutti Baby Roma tomatoes unique? The exclusive use of Italian tomatoes, to guarantee a unique quality. The careful selection that allows having a sweeter and more fleshy Baby Roma tomatoes compared to the peeled tomato. The creamy tomato sauce is even thicker to give more flavour to your recipes. The processing and packaging happen in the shortest possible time to preserve the naturalness and freshness of just harvested tomatoes, all year round. Rich in taste, full of flavour! Product of Italy.

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