Natures Earthly Choice Black Rice, 14 OZ (Pack of 6)

Natures Earthly Choice

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100% whole grain. High in antioxidants. Source of fiber. all natural. Resealable to keep black rice fresh. At Nature's Earthly Choice we really do search the globe seeking exotic and healthy grains for you and your family. Black rice is quickly becoming one of our favorites. This rice, also known as Emperor's Rice, is a terrific alternative to white or brown rice because it is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E and fiber, and has a delicious, slightly sweet, nutty taste. The rice is a deep, rich black color when raw due to the covering of dark bran. It becomes a beautiful shade of purple when cooked. Like many of the dark fruits, black rice is loaded with anthocyanins or antioxidants which are showing real promise for fighting heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. One serving of black rice has as many antioxidants as a single serving of cultivated blueberries, but without the sugar. Black rice is easy to prepare and as versatile as either white or brown rice. You can use this rice in everything from stir fry's, pilafs and risottos, to exotic desserts. Black rice is truly an heirloom grain, and in ancient times it was reserved mostly for the elite of Asian royalty. Today we are helping to make this great food available to you. Product of China.

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