Natures Earthly Choice Original Red Quinoa, 12 OZ (Pack of 6)

Natures Earthly Choice

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Premium. USDA organic. Gluten free. Wheat free. Source of protein. Red Quinoa is the more colorful sister to white quinoa, with the same nutritional profile, only prettier. Our Organic Red Quinoa is sourced in the same Andean region of South America as the white quinoa and it is the same great source of protein containing all eight essential amino acids. Red Quinoa is a good course of fiber and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. More and more consumers are seeking great tasting and nutritious gluten free or vegetarian options, and our red quinoa is one of the very best. Extremely versatile and easy to prepare, red quinoa is great as a side dish mixed with vegetables and seasonings. You can use quinoa in place of rice in almost any recipe. Mixed with a little maple syrup or brown sugar, some fresh fruit and nuts, our red quinoa makes a delicious and healthy breakfast cereal. Or add our red quinoa to your favorite soup or salad for a gluten free boost of protein and fiber. You are only limited by your imagination. Certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Product of Bolivia and/or Peru.

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