Natures Way Liquid Coconut, 10 OZ

Natures Way

sku: 033674158579
$ 21.65 


Premium oil. Great for cooking. Superior flavor. Natural energy. 93% MCTs. Non-GMO. Expeller pressed. Stays liquid when refrigerated. Pure, Expeller Pressed Oil: From premium, non-GMO coconuts; Non-hydrogenated; No trans fat; Hexane-free; No solvents used. Superior Flavor: Delicious taste & smell of fresh coconuts; Enhances flavor of your favorite foods; 93% MCTs for natural energy. 13 g of medium chain triglycerides (lauric/capric/caprylic acids) per tablespoon; Used by the body to produce energy; Ideal for healthy lifestyles, exercise and weight loss programs. Good for Hair & Skin: Hair Care: Apply directly to hair before washing as a natural conditioner; Skin Care: Apply directly onto the skin as a natural moisturizing lotion. Product of Philippines.

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