Penta Water Water, 16.9 OZ (Pack of 24)

Penta Water

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$ 53.75 


Trace pharmaceuticals free. Bisphenol A free. Chlorine free. Arsenic free. MTBE free. Chromium 6 free. Fluoride free. Source: Colton Municipal Water District. Penta water is over 100x more pure than leading national brands. Penta????¬s 13-step state-of-the-art system purifies the water more vigorously than any other water due to our 11-hour patented process. Why drink Penta water? Penta is the world's only patented water. Provides superior hydration over sports drinks. Penta has no additives or chemicals and clinically-proven health benefits. Penta's crisp, clean taste gives your a sense of well-being. Made in the USA.

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