Perky Jerky Sweet & Snappy Beef Jerky, 2.2 Oz (Pack of 12)

Perky Jerky

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A spicy kick in the sweet spot.

Picture it??¬You??ç?ûre taking a photo of your child next to his favorite sports mascot. A sweet childhood moment. Well, until he gives a swift kick to the mascot??ç?ûs you-know-what. It??ç?ûs kinda like our Sweet & Snappy flavor - sweet at first, then nails you with a spicy kick.

??úIt??ç?ûs just the right mix of sweet & spicy making the experience of eating it a truly incredible one.??Ñ - Lynne T.

Not only is it delicious, it??ç?ûs what our jerky DOESN??ç?ûT have that makes it even better: Gluten-free ??ç?? NO preservatives ??ç?? NO nitirites ??ç?? NO added MSG

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