Pomi Tomato Sauce, 17.64 Oz (Pack of 12)


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100% natural Italian tomatoes. Pomi Strained Tomato: the traditional Italian passata di pomodori is made from 100% natural, fresh garden-ripe tomatoes, without seeds or skins. Pomi Strained is deliciously smooth and always ready to use when you need to add the fresh taste of Italian tomatoes to all your favorite recipes. Pomi Chopped Tomato: is 100% natural, Italian garden-ripe tomatoes. It combines the great advantages and smoothness of the passata with chunks of delicious Italian tomatoes. The perfect combination for the preparation of many great recipes - without the fuss. All Pomi products are naturally sealed in BPA-free packages. Pomi tomato sauce is not a traditional, ready-to-eat Italian sauce. It's the all natural way to add the garden-fresh flavor of ripe Italian tomatoes to all your favorite recipes. Pomi Tomato Sauce is: 100% natural Italian tomatoes; no artificial ingredients; no preservatives; no added salt; fat free; gluten free; BPA-free; GMO free; a natural source of lycopene. Pomi tomato sauce. The new revolution from the tomato revolution from Italy. www.pomi.us.com. Made in Italy.

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