Seven Sundays Vanilla Cherry Pecan Muesli, 12 Oz (Pack of 6)

Seven Sundays

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If you want a heavily processed breakfast with hardly any nutrients, please look elsewhere. No added oil, refined sugar or preservatives. 100% all natural. High in fiber. Wheat free. We first had muesli while traveling in New Zealand. It was nothing like the cereals we were used to - no puffs, flakes, shreds or clusters - instead loaded with all natural ingredients that delivered a simple, yet richly textured and flavorful breakfast. With no suitable replacement back home, we decided to shake up the cereal aisle with our very own New Zealand-inspired mueslis. Enjoy, Hannah & Brady. Muesli is Not Granola. Sorry Granola: They look similar, but they're not. Many granolas and cereals have oils, sugars and processed fillers. Our muesli is made with only raw or slightly toasted ingredients and only pure sundried fruits. So you get a broad spectrum of super healthy, whole ingredients in just 1/2 cup. Is There a Muesli World Championship?: There isn't! But it would be cool if there was one. And we might win it. Because we focus on crafting small, tasty batches, with pallet-pleasing spice and fruit combos. Hey, why don't you start a championship? Let us know when we can enter. Want to Learn More?: Visit to learn about the history of muesli, its nutritional benefits, get recipe ideas and more! We love MN (Mother Nature). This box is made from 100% recycled, unbleached and uncoated material. Please recycle after use. 1% for the Planet. Made in Minnesota.

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