Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chip, 18 OZ (Pack of 6)


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All-natural. Nothing but sea salt. 0 g trans fat. Since 1994. Sometimes it's better to go naked. Dressed in nothing but a sprinkle of sea salt, these baked, all-natural chips are artfully simple and incredibly delicious. Enjoy them straight from the bag, with your favorite dip, or paired with a wedge of cheese and a glass of wine. Stacy's has perfected the art of basic. The Art of Basic: Stacy worked out of her sandwich cart in Boston, baking up tasty, seasoned pita chips to give her loyal fans while they waited in line. The chips soon became more popular than her sandwiches! Today, Stacy's original idea remains firmly intact. We take the basic pita, add all-natural seasoning, then twice-bake it for the perfect crunch. Its basic made into something more. More unique. More contemporary. More delicious. Savor these delicious chips in their most basic form - straight out of the bag - or indulge in the art of pairing by sampling them with a variety of dips, wines, cheeses and meals. Made in the USA.

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