Stryve Protein Snacks Sliced Beef Biltong-Zesty Garlic, 2.5 Oz (Pack of 12)

Stryve Foods

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Product Description: Stryve was founded with one positive purpose -to make the best tasting & cleanest snacks out there.?á Our three company founders got together and in 2017 we launched Stryve's beef biltong and haven't looked back!

All of the good stuff and none of the ?Çÿjunk?ÇÖ! Stryve's premium beef biltong is not another jerky -it's what jerky wants to be.?á Natural, tender and always tasty,Stryveslicedbeefbiltongismade from the highest quality Top Round beef, seasoned and cured with an all natural dry rubandslowly air dried for up to 21 days.?á This delicious and protein packed snack is ready to go when you are.?á

More Information:

Country ofOrigin:

100% made in the USA



No Nitrates

No Artificial Preservatives

Gluten Free

16g of Protein, <1g of sugar


beef, salt, flavorings, vinegar and raisin juice concentrate.

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