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Sushi Chef

Sushi Chef Red Miso Soup, 0.53 OZ (Pack of 12)

Sushi Chef Red Miso Soup, 0.53 OZ (Pack of 12)

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Traditional Japanese style. Natural. Sushi Chef Red Miso Soup is made from aged Miso, which has a darker, richer flavor than white Miso. This soup originated in the Northeast provinces of Japan, where it is still served with most meals and as a wholesome snack. Sushi Chef has chosen a flavorful red Miso paste, and enhanced its flavor and presentation with shiitake mushrooms, tofu, seaweed and chives. The ingredients were freeze dried, and the soup, when reconstituted, tastes just as it did when it was originally prepared. We are very proud of this exceptional product and hope you will enjoy it too! Product of USA.

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