Veggie Fries Tuscan Bean & Herbs Fries, 14 Oz (Pack of 8)

Veggie Fries

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All natural. Made from Tuscan beans, herbs & potatoes. Crispy outside. Fluffy inside. 29% Tuscan beans & herbs. Good source of fiber. Excellent source of vitamin C. Contains no gluten (or wheat) ingredients. Contains no genetically modified ingredients. Low in sodium. Our Family's Favorite Fries: As a family of 5, we constantly search for food that tastes great & is healthy too. We all love french fries, so we decided to blend in our favorite vegetables to make them healthier & tastier. We experimented with over 300 recipes to create the perfect fry - extra crispy on the outside, fluffy & tender on the inside with a delicious Tuscan bean & herb taste. Tuscan bean & herb veggie fries are Cristina's favorite. We hope you enjoy them as much as she does - Dave, Cristina, Gaby, Natalia & Blanca. Have a question or comment? Visit us at or call us weekdays at 1-855-947-3834 (1-855-WISEVEG). Product of USA.

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