Volpi Sopressata Salame, 8 Oz (Pack of 12)


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The taste of Italy since 1902. A coarse ground salami with a surprisingly smooth finish. Rich ingredients give it a clean, crisp flavor. Pair with an aged cheese, red wine and fresh fruit. Visit www.volpifoods.com for more products and information. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Giovanni Volpi left Milan in 1900, in search of adventure and the bold promise of the American Dream. Printed on recycled paper. Visit www.volpifoods.com for products and information. When Giovanni (John) Volpi left Milan for America in 1900, he was in search of adventure and the bold promise of the American Dream. In Italy, he had been trained as a Salumiere - a master in making salami, prosciutto, and other dry-cured meats. In America, joined by his wife and brother-in-law, he would transplant his love for his craft and its Old World traditions. Like my father and great uncles before me, I proudly call myself a salumiere - steadfastly committed to making and to selling these exceptional products here and around the globe. When I joined my father, Armando Pasetti in the business as an adult, it was with a deep understanding of the company's role in our lives and the importance of doing only my best work for our loyal customers, valued staff, and the community in which we live. We happily introduce you to our company, its long history, and the joy that comes with sharing a delicious meal with family and friends. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your history.

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