Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Honey, 16 Oz (Pack of 6)

Wholesome Sweeteners

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Wholesome!??ñ?? Fair Trade Organic Honey is deliciously decadent, with a delightful butterscotch
essence. Honeybees make this delightful multi-floral nectar in protected organic hives in Southern
Mexico and Brazil. The beekeepers tend to their hives deep in the dedicated organic zones in the
jungle including Fair Trade coffee plantations. The honeybees forage only on the wild jungle??ç?ûs natural
wildflowers, far from any exposure to GMO??ç?ûs or pollutants. Wholesome!??ñ?? Fair Trade Organic Honey
is free from chemical residue, as the plants surrounding the hives have not been sprayed with
pesticides or herbicides and the hives have not been treated with antibiotics.

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