Wild Planet Low Mercury Wild Skipjack Tuna, 5 OZ (Pack of 12)

Wild Planet

sku: 829696000701
$ 46.14 


100% pole & troll caught. High omega 3 & low mercury count. Dolphin safe. Turtle safe. The Perfect Tuna: Delicious light tuna steak; Lowest mercury tuna species; Best choice for sustainability pole & troll & hand line caught. You've never tasted tuna like this before! We hand-cut and pack delicious, premium tuna steaks in micro-cannery process. All the omega 3 oils are retained and no liquid is added; please don't drain. Skipjack light tuna contains the least mercury of all light tuna. Wild planet packs 100% pure tuna. No water, oil or fillers added. 1,434 mg omega 3 per can - 928 mg DHA, 285 mg EPA. Processed in Vietnam.

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