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Mutti Puree Passata Tomato, 24.5 OZ (Pack of 12)

Mutti Puree Passata Tomato, 24.5 OZ (Pack of 12)

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Only Italian tomatoes. Total solids more than 9%. Suitable for vegans. Cholesterol free. Check Fruit certified integrated production. The Mutti family has been processing tomatoes since 1899. Now, as in the past, and with the same passion and the same attention, we offer you the very best of the tomato. Do you know what characteristics make Mutti Tomato Puree truly unique? The exclusive selection of Italian tomatoes, grown under the warm Mediterranean sun. The selection of only ripe tomatoes, which gives our Tomato Puree the flavor of fresh tomatoes. The high degree of creaminess, which makes your sauce bind perfectly to the pasta. The low water content, which makes Mutti Tomato Puree ideal in everyday dishes and quick preparations, without the need for long cooking times. The careful selection of the best parts of the tomato so that our Tomato Puree is totally free of skin and seeds, making it suitable for the entire family. The guarantee of the certification of integrated production, granted only to those who control the entire production process using environmentally friendly cultivation methods. Product of Italy.

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