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Reese Seasoned Croutons, 6 OZ (Pack of 12)

Reese Seasoned Croutons, 6 OZ (Pack of 12)

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Great for snacks & soups! No artificial preservatives. Almost 50 years ago, one of the early presidents of Reese discovered croutons when he sampled them in the famous Caesar salad. The president's belief that these crunchy toasted morsels would be great in any salad led him to become one of the first to put croutons on American shelves. Since then, the crouton has become a standard in salad bowls all over America. But not all croutons are the same. Reese croutons are made from specially formulated dough that allows the croutons to retain the crispness and flavor that crouton lovers seek. Reese croutons are perfect in salads, soups, stuffings, as a casserole topping or as a snack right from the bag!

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