Penta Water Water, 1 LT (Pack of 12)

Penta Water

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Advanced hydration. Enhanced performance. You're holding in your hand the purest bottled water available. Prepared with our patented purification process, we remove every detectable impurity and chemical contaminant. The result is the purest and best tasting water to compliment your health and hydrate your body faster. Penta Water is an essential step to realize your best mental and physical performance. Arsenic free. Chlorine free. Fluoride free. BPA free. MTBE free. Chromium 6 free. Trace pharmaceuticals free. Kosher & Silliker certified. 100% recyclable. Recycle 100%. Our 13 step 11 hour purification process uses physics not chemicals. Prepared by reverse osmosis, deionization, and proprietary process using USP medical-grade oxygen. We're solar powered! Visit us at Source: City of Colton Deep Wells.

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